Expo/Food Runner in Pooler, GA

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Another Broken Egg Cafe is Hiring Expediters.
Serve as a liaison between cooks, servers and customers to maintain order efficiency through accurate plating, timely preparation and delivery. Expediters are the last line of “defense” to ensure food is properly plated and is pleasing to the eye. Remember guests are expecting the best; you are that important link in the chain that can make it happen!
The below procedures are standard Corporate procedures that each employee position is responsible for. It does not include any site specific procedures.
General Procedures:

  • Report to work on time and properly dressed to deliver food to customers.
  • Have a pleasant and quick smile; treat everyone with respect & kindness.
  • Uphold and maintain high quality customer service and hospitality at all times.
  • Professional phone skills.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and obtain problem solving skills.

Opening Requirements:
Primary duties include identifying & completing prepared dishes properly with condiments, garnishes and ramekins on every dish, every time according to standards.
Other opening procedures are as follow:

  • Check and ensure your “area” is fully stocked and ample back-up is available.
  • Make sure that you are aware of all waitstaff sections & who is working that day.
  • Ensure back up prep has been completed and replenish supplies.

During Business Hours:

  • Promptly and neatly apply garnishes and condiments to completed plates.
  • Verify all dishes are complete according to ticket.
  • Page waitstaff if necessary, if not deliver hot food promptly to appropriate table.
  • Maintain a clean and presentable work area.
  • Re-stock during slow periods, stay prepared for the big slams!

Closing Duties:

  • Collect trash, consolidate bags & re-bag all trash receptacles.
  • Clean and wipe down countertops, walls & equipment.
  • Breakdown & clean conveyor toaster after turning off.
  • Wipe down all shelves & organize all products.
  • Re-stock area with product to ensure next morning shift success.
  • Thoroughly wipe down interior and exterior of microwave oven.
  • Organize bread rack and seal all open bread packages.
  • Scrub down & clean all food carrier trays thoroughly.
  • Properly clean wooden floor racks each day according to standards.

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